Statement on pending lawsuit:

The Georgia Muslim Voter Project (GAMVP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan voter education and voter engagement organization working throughout Metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia. We were founded in 2015 to boost civic engagement among the Muslim community in Georgia.

The GAMVP board, staff, and volunteers facilitate nonpartisan voter registration and nonpartisan Get Out the Vote campaigns. We believe that every vote counts!

During this election cycle, we have noted an uptick in confusion from voters about casting absentee ballots. Voters are unsure whether their absentee ballots will count or be rejected, how they will be notified if their ballots are rejected, and what recourse they have regarding casting absentee ballots that have been rejected.

As a result, GAMVP has spent additional time and resources to change our voter registration and engagement scripts, to go back and contact voters that we registered, and retrain volunteers to work with voters to ensure they understand how to determine if their ballot was rejected.

On October 23, 2018, GAMVP asked the Court to issue a temporary restraining order giving absentee ballot voters due process if their absentee ballots have been rejected by election officials. The Defendant’s claim was that there is “no time” to make this right. NOW is exactly the time to make things right.

We thank the ACLU of Georgia for their exceptional representation. The right to vote is both sacred and fundamental and GAMVP  will continue to work so that every vote in Georgia counts!

-Georgia Muslim Voter Project

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